Shooting Springers

Most of my shooting is with springers. And so far all of my HFT attempts have been with them. I don’t have anything against PCP’s, they are great tools for the job. But I just prefer the feel and challenge of spring power.

There’s something very satisfying about the thud of a smooth running gun and the little kick you get from it. And having the pellet land where you were pointing gives me much greater sense of achievement than a PCP. This is after all my hobby, so I’ll aim for maximum enjoyment. Continue reading “Shooting Springers”

HFT – Springer vs PCP

These are just my thoughts on the subject so take them with a pinch of salt. Maybe take this as a starting point, but ask around and always pick up as many guns as you can before making a decision.

If you have never tried HFT before, and you own a sub 12ft-lb air rifle my answer is simple. Just use that. You will be able to get a taste for the sport without spending any money beyond some pellets and £4 or £5 club entry. Continue reading “HFT – Springer vs PCP”