DMHS Round 4 – Woodend

A new location for this years Daystate Series, and it proved to be very popular with all the shooters. A tricky changing wind caught plenty of people out, along with Dolly the far-away sheep.

I don’t have too much to say about my performance or score this week, so I’ll leave that to the end and talk about Woodend instead. Firstly I have to say the location was just stunning. Situated at the Woodend Farm Complex, the course was laid out over and around their 4 fishing lakes, with the zeroing range taking over the usual archery range. At the end of the shoot the word ‘picturesque’ came up, which I think sums it up perfectly.Woodend 18 (8)

First port of call, after signing in, was the zero range as usual. The targets were well labelled and there were enough of them, but I did have one issue (which is my only niggle over the whole day). The zeroing pegs weren’t very stable. Possibly not a problem for the shooters who rest their butt pad on the floor, and hamster on their hand. But it caused a bit of a problem holding up the peg and shooting a springer. There were a couple of solid posts to use though, it was just a case of waiting for the right space. No harm done then.Woodend 18 Zero

A catering van was available for pre-shoot brews and butties, then the usual safety brief and we were off. We started on lane 26 (supported kneeler) which I massively under-ranged, and split at 7 o’clock. Not enough of a split to knock it over though!

Since converting my TX200 to mk2 internals, I am seeing a lot more pellet strikes than I used to. I guess because of the faster shot cycle or less muzzle flip. Either way it might be fairly useful in the future if I learn how to use the information properly.

I think the surroundings might have lured me into a false sense of security, because my range finding was pretty terrible. Some dropped points I will put down to clever target placement, (and good use of small sheep, see lane 8…..). Other dropped points I will put down to a switching wind which I couldn’t make head nor tail of. In fact the first two targets that I did give wind for went dead straight! But my shooting partners gave the same target wind, and they fell down. Maybe the wind changed on me? Or maybe bad technique was creeping in and I was pulling the trigger?Lane 8 - 30 yards

Before we started there was talk about the effect shooting over the water would have on the pellet. With plenty of people saying it could suck the pellet down and drop you out the bottom of the kill zone. Having never shot over water before, I didn’t know what to do so just ignored it. I was more concerned with targets being placed down banks at funny angles. I’ve not been shooting HFT for too long, but I thought the target placement was spot on. Credit to Simon, Teresa and their helpers (sorry helpers I don’t know who you are).

In summary then, I found the course technical, and very difficult for the amount of experience I have. Did it matter? Not a bit! It was a brilliant course and I had a great time shooting it. As a bonus, the targets I did knock over felt even better than normal. It’s not always about getting a PB. Sometimes you just want to have a good time, and Woodend delivered.

Anyway, I mentioned the ranges. Hopefully the gallery below works for everyone (let me know if it doesn’t or is slow etc). They are in order from lane 1 to 30, and the measured distance is in the title of each picture. The were measured with a laser range finder from the peg, so should be very close. At most they will be 1 yard out.

Lane 1 - 44 yards

Picture 1 of 30


Some of those targets have some really good history, so I wasn’t the only one caught out on range finding. Below is the table format, and the graph showing how far out I was. Most of the differences are positive, which means I under-ranged them. The targets were further away than I thought, so I wasn’t giving enough hold over.

Round 4 range tableRound 4 range graph

I also need to address another problem with my technique. For the last few shoots I’ve had my wrist strapped up to try and prevent some pain I’m having. It’s not working though. The day after every shoot it feels like I’ve gone back to square 1. It must be some combination of the weight of the gun, and my technique. I don’t want to stop shooting springers, so I’ll try changing my hand positions first.round 4 score

So I didn’t have the best day, but congratulations to all those who did, especially the winners of each class. There was some top shooting which has messed up the percentages for the rest of us! 
Thanks as always to Kathy for sorting the scores which are below. Followed by a load more photo’s just because. And one last thing. We want to come back next year!

All scores decided on countback from peg 1

1st – Ian Howarth 58
2nd- Chris Pantling 55
3rd – Richard Jones 55
Stephen Pearson 54
Kathy Thompson 54
Darren Crofts 54
Michelle Parsons 54
Theresa Reed 53
Kev Brooks 53
Mark Thompson 53
Jim Ferry 53
Karl Guest 53
Nick Parker 53
Elliott Compton 53
Stu Hancock 53
Dave Hunter 52
Mikey Heathcote 52
Wayne Marriott 52
Katy Ellis 52
Simon Howarth 52
Greg Hensman 52
Elliott Reed 52
Matt Furlong 52
Bill Birch 52
Mick Boswell 52
Simon Minney 52
Ian Millward 52
Joff Haigh 52
Andy Dickson 52
Gary King 51
Harry Compton 51
Laura McLennan 50
Jake Miller 50
Liam Todd 49
Steve Thompson 49
Simon Harrison 49
Glen Walsh 48
Steve Lloyd 48
Jacob Pantling 48
Nigel Smith 48
Nick Aldridge 48
Richard Rushton 48
Mark Taylor 47
Kevin Scott 47
Rob Mobley 47
Sean Preston 47
Rob Mansell 46
Jon Pritchard 46
Peter Richmond 46
Steve O’Mara 45
Steve Elkington 45
Karen O’Mara 44
Sean Mason 40

1st – Mick Fern 53
2nd – Aaron Bradshaw 52
3rd – Steve Whiting 52
Perry Broad 51
Kev Gaunt 49
John Ferrier 48
Piotr Jakubowicz 46
Nick Yates 44
John Bartrum 43
Bob Clay 43
Dan Gordon 41
Luke Wells 40
Nick Stanhope 38
Keith Daughtrey 31
Matt Taylor DNF

1st – Ethan Pantling 53
2nd – Megan Reed 49
3rd – Ewan Pantling 46
Conor Jones 43 (PB)
Myla Parsons 41

1st – Tom Morgans 50
2nd – Pete Shearer 49
3rd – Ian Hunter 48
Rob Shepperson 48
Keith Warburton 48
Steve Cartledge 45
Steve Isham 40

Woodend 18 (1)Woodend 18 (11)Woodend 18 (10)Woodend 18 (9)Woodend 18 (5)Woodend 18 (4)Woodend 18 (3)

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Mick Boswell

Great write up Dan. Very enjoyable read and thanks for putting up the targets/ranges.

Steve Whiting

Cheers Dan, excellent informative write up and very interesting seeing all of the target ranges after the event. It helps the learning process for us all to see what the targets actually were. Not to self I must remember to take a picture of ,my scorecard. Hope your wrist gets better and see you at the next one!