HFT and Me – Part 2, Greyhound Gun Club

Last time I told you about my first experience of HFT at Derbyshire Air Rifle Club. After a few visits there I decided to go further abroad to the next club on my list. The Greyhound in Coventry.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photo’s of my own as I haven’t actually been there since I started this blog. However I will update with a couple of pictures when I get some, and I will include a load when I do a proper write up/review.

In the meantime, there are some older photos on their website:
Greyhound Gun Club

I found the club recommended on several websites and the description was similar to others. A long range plinking area and FT/HFT course set in woodland.

The club is set back from the canal and has a large under-cover plinking range at the front. This also includes a small range for prone and seated (which I started to use), and a pistol range.

The FT/HFT course also starts here but stretches a long way back into the woods. I’m not sure how many targets they have in total but it’s a lot more than the usual 30, maybe up to 60 but I would need to check.

My first trip, I started on the plinking range where there are large metal targets (imagine man hole covers painted white) set out every 5 yards to check zero on. Then I spent some time having fun on the range. There is a large selection of knock down and spinning targets, but I think the most popular are the 60 yard golf balls on strings. I reckon I can get them 1 in 3 times now. More practice needed!

Then into the woods. If anything this location appealed to my outdoor nature even more than Yeavely had. If you walk all the way down to the furthest target, the course can feel deserted. This gives a strong feeling of being alone with nature, and there is plenty of wildlife to support that.

This also means that shy beginners can have a go at the HFT targets without too many people seeing. This doesn’t tend to bother me, but I know some people prefer this when they are starting out.

The Greyhound is set up more for FT, so some of the targets are a bit further out than HFT (55 yard maximum instead of 45 yard). Apart from that, the targets were very similar to Yeaveley but with a bit more variety in the shape of the plates.

I had done a bit of reading and found out the actual HFT positions, so I tried to use the kneeling position more. Going prone is difficult on a lot of the targets as they were only intended to be seated (for FT). I actually ended up sitting for the longer range targets as I found this much more stable.  

That leads me onto another tip from me to beginners. Don’t worry too much about where the peg actually is, and look for a stable position. I would lean on any tree I could find that gave me a clear shot at the target.

No it isn’t to the rules but when you are starting out, it is a good confidence booster. Free standing and free kneeling shots are hard so don’t worry about them at this stage. The main thing is to have fun, and knocking targets over is just that!

I alternated between the Greyhound and Derbyshire for the best part of a year before I tried other clubs. This was mostly because I wasn’t too interested in competitions, and was having fun. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

So if you never make it any further than this, that’s OK. Stay safe and have fun.


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