I started this blog to write about my attempts to get into HFT (Hunter Field Target) air rifle shooting. However I realised it might also be useful to write about my experiences as a beginner, to help other people who may be starting out in the sport.

Just over a year ago I started shooting HFT with my girlfriend and a few other friends, and have been completely sold on it. Initially we just shot practice courses in our own time (and mostly to my own made up rules). This was great fun and eventually I wanted to have a go at a competition to see how I would do. I am not super competitive by nature, but was intrigued by how good (or bad) I might be.

I looked around online to see what competitions were available, but a lot of them sounded quite serious. To be honest, I was a bit worried about getting all the rules wrong and coming away with an embarrassing score.

One weekend I saw that a local club were having an open day for people to come along and have a go at HFT. This sounded like a perfect chance to mess it all up, without any consequences. So we decided to have a go. Long story short, it was a great morning’s shooting. We had an experienced guy come round with us to show point us in the right direction, and there was no pressure to do well. The main focus was safety and having a good time.

I think it was this point that the competition bug started to nibble at me, and I started looking for a ‘proper’ competition to have a go at. In reality this was another local club’s open shoot. Proper UKAHFT rules but you could choose who you shot with and again, the main focus was safety and having a good time. I get the impression that these club shoots are a popular way for the top guys (and girls) to hone their skills for some of the more competitive shoots.

In the time between these two events I spent far too much time on the internet, asking ‘my mate google’ how do I get better at this? What equipment do I need? Am I getting my positions right? How do I work out the ranges and get my holdovers right?

At this point I thought I would start a shooting diary so I could note down all the things that worked (or didn’t work) for me, and how I would practice to improve my score. Then this grew into the idea of a blog aimed at other people who might be thinking of having a go. So essentially written for beginners, by a beginner. I would love to hear other peoples experiences along the way, and maybe we can learn together.

So I will be documenting my journey into HFT, and also writing about some other things I am involved in. Mainly bell target shooting, airgun collecting and restoration, and maintenance.

I have a list of things I want to write about, but if you want to hear about anything in particular, please comment and I will see what I can do.

Thanks for reading

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I think for a new person to HFT, FT or any kind of airgunning, finding local clubs is not the easiest thing.
A post on this with website info how to find the clubs would be useful. Maybe suggest some forums like STB to help newbies find a range.
You have lots of info to cover including gun law etc
Good luck and I look forward to the next instalments.