Motivational Quote #4

“Nobody who ever gave his best, regretted it”
-George Halas-

You might have recently read about our first HFT event of the 2018 (CLICK HERE). Something about that shoot has stuck with me over the last couple of days. Which is that I’m not particularly disappointed with my score. I got 43/60 (75% of the top score of 57) which really is on the low end of what I think I am capable of. Especially as I was putting in a lot of practice at the end of last year, and had made some breakthroughs with my technique.

A lot of the dropped points can be attributed to my slightly poor state of health at the time. I was on the back end of the flu, and although much improved compared to earlier in the week, was still feeling the effects. So my body and mind may have been letting me down slightly. But my attitude was not! For every single target, I was absolutely trying my hardest to knock it over. Maybe this was because it the was first shoot back after the break. I had been looking forward to it for weeks by this point. Or maybe its because it was at Kingsley, a course I always enjoy, and mostly do quite well at. Whatever the reason, every lane was fun, and I had a real desire to hit that kill zone.

I think this came across in my intent. For each lane I made sure the mat was lined up just how I liked it. I really looked hard at the targets and surrounding clues to begin my range finding. And once I was looking through the scope, I was running through my checklist of pre-trigger items.

  • Check bluriness of target vs reticle. Does it tie up with range estimation?
  • Is my face touching the felt pad on the cheek piece in the right place?
  • Is my left hand touching the felt pad on the forestock in the right place?
  • Thumb off the stock and resting on the side
  • Trigger finger resting on the blade in the correct place
  • Safety off
  • Appropriate holdover lined up
  • Appropriate windage given
  • Breath in 5 seconds
  • Breath out 5 seconds
  • Bring Aim point back on
  • Slowly squeeze trigger 

I know that if I complete this check list, I have tried hard on that shot. If not I would just lay down, aim vaguely in the right direction and pull the trigger. To be fair the results may have been the same this time, but the intent would have been different. 
Also for this shoot, the result wasn’t particularly important. I’m not a member of the club so don’t get entered into their yearly competition. And it wasn’t a round of the Midlands series. Just a practice round. Do I regret making all this effort for little reward. No. And actually there was plenty of reward. The rewards from this type of practice are two fold. Firstly gaining extra experience is always positive. But more importantly I enjoy doing this! So I guess the reward is some brain chemicals that make you feel nice inside.

Via several tangents then, this week’s quote is:

“Nobody who ever gave his best, regretted it”
-George Halas-

George Halas (Papa Bear) was a player, coach, and owner in American Football. Founder and owner of the Chicago Bears, and a co-founder of the NFL. Read more about him HERE

I’ve chosen this quote now because the next shoot does matter. Currently I’m 4th in the recoiling/.22 class of the Daystate Midland Hunter Series. But only just. And with each shoot that goes by, the opportunities to put in big scores are disappearing. My target for this series is to get into the top 3, and to do that I’m going to need some really good results. 
The problem with this is, now I’m putting pressure on myself. And that’s not ideal. There’s a chance that increasing the pressure will increase the difficulty and lower the score. That’s the opposite of what I want.

But at the end of the day, as long as I try my best, I can’t have any regrets. Having regrets is just about the most pointless thing you can do. The future can’t be changed. If I don’t score well, it will be because I didn’t have the experience to make some of the shots. Or I made honest mistakes. And that’s OK. That can be learnt from and built upon for the next competition. 

Do your best. Learn from your mistakes. Have fun. No regrets

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