About Me

Born and raised in Kent, I have been shooting air rifles on and off since moving to the Midlands in 2012. What started as garden plinking has grown into a passion for all things 'airgun'. I have become a collector, casual target shooter, and now competitor in HFT.

me - Edited

I started writing this blog mid-way through 2017. I have been an avid reader my whole life but had never tried writing anything myself, so thought I would give it a go. What better thing to write about than your hobby! Before long I found I was enjoying putting my thoughts down into words, and so it has continued.

What I Do

A.K.A my new obsession. I started shooting casually at the end of 2016 and now try to shoot a competition most weekends. Aside from the challenge of those 30 targets, I have been drawn in by the social aspect of the sport, and the variety of personalities that make it such a great event every week.

Bell Target
Started in the winter of 2016 to fill those dark nights with some practice in the pub. This is much more casual than my HFT efforts, although the option for league shoots and tough competition is there.

This almost happened by accident. My girlfriend (Laura) and myself just kept seeing interesting guns! We tend to be attracted to anything BSA or old 10m match guns.

Something I wish I had more time for. I will always be tinkering with airguns in various states of repair and being an engineer by trade, am most interested by the more complex mechanisms. I am particularly fond of the twin piston 'Original' 10m airguns and am fairly handy at rebuilding these now.

Talk a lot
Sorry in advance if you get paired with me at a shoot and prefer silence. However if you like a chat as much as I do, feel free to find me!