Shooting In My Garden

A quick post about the two main problems with shooting my air rifles in the garden:
– The neighbours
– The distance

The problem with my neighbours is that they don’t like the noise.They are retired and spend a lot of time in their garden so I guess they can hear me quite easily. However they are generally nice enough and I don’t want to wind them up if I can help it.

The distance is can shoot is very much fixed by the length of my garden. Lying prone on the floor with a peg in the ground, gives 15 usable yards. This doesn’t sound like a lot. HFT courses go out 3 times further to 45 yards so I was initially bit sceptical that my garden would be any use.

So I have come up with a few ideas that should help, that I will be testing over the next couple of weeks:

  1. Replace my metal target holder/pellet catcher.
    I’m now trying an old cardboard box stuffed full of old jeans and jumpers out of the rag bag. It is much quieter and at the moment seems to be holding the pellets well. This might change once the box is full of holes though.
  2. Limit the amount of shots I take.
    Instead of constant plinking, I am going to try shooting a lot less to reduce the noise further. The plan is to replace quantity with quality.
  3. Practice HFT positions.
    To make the most of the short distance, I will be practising some unsupported positions.

This evening was my first test and I think it went well. I decided on 15 pellets only, but trying to make every one as good as I could. This means careful breathing, aiming for perfect head and hand positioning, and very deliberate trigger technique.

The shots taken were at a paper target pinned to my new box.

  • 5 shots prone (top left)
  • 5 shots free kneeling (top right)
  • 5 shots free standing (middle)

As you can see, there is a lot of room for improvement, so actually the 15 yard limit isn’t really a problem.

My goal now is to keep trying 15 shots a day until I can get every pellet in the middle 2 or 3 blue rings. I will make a note of any changes I make to my positions or technique, and write about those too.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any garden tips.

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At the distance you are shooting, you might find this the perfect target system. Works a treat!
Comes with over 370 various reactive target attachments, which are all available in refill packs. (and can be loaded with 26 of the supplied targets in one go)
Recently reviewed and recommended on the BFTA website by Justin Wood (2016 BFTA British Champ), who has one, and said “great for standing and kneeling practice”.
Would be very interested to read what you think of it.


Nice. Something I’ll be looking at soon is working on the unsupported shots.
I’m not sure if the closed elbow on hip is working for my standers.
My kneelers are not toobad as long as I can get right down and tucked in. If it’s an uphill kneel I find it difficult to get comfortable and head in alignment.