Venom Arms HW80 – Part 1

This is the first of hopefully quite a few posts on airgun collecting and restoration.
The gun I’ve chosen to go first is actually my most recent purchase. I’ve only owned it for a week but I’m really excited to get into it.

Its a Weihrauch HW80 in a Venom Arms Tyrolean Hunter stock and WOW is this stock nice! This is the first Tyrolean stocked gun I’ve owned and I couldn’t believe how well it fit when I first shouldered it.

This was offered by Venom back in the 80’s and luckily someone linked me to some of the original adverts. It can be seen here sitting between a 77 Vantage and Webley Omega. The advert mentions a single piece silencer, sling mounts and Venom tuned action.

Unfortunately the silencer has been replaced at some point with a double piece. And the sling studs are also missing.

I’m not really a fan of modern FT style stocks. I like sporter stocks, and even more if they have any of my three favourite features:
– Tyrolean cheek-piece
– Schnabel forend
– Full length Stutzen stock
This HW80 has two so I’m very happy at the moment.

For people that may not have seen one before, the ‘Tyrolean’ part of the stock is the raised and curved cheek-piece. Shaped to get your head in the same optimum place for each shot. They worked so well that they were actually banned from competitive shooting.

The Schnabel forend is the curved ends underneath the breech. I believe the Venom Arms stock is the only one for the HW80 that has this as well as the Tyrolean cheek-piece.

Unfortunately the stock is not perfect. There is a bad repair on one side and a crack at one of the front bolts. I has also been re-finished with a thick varnish which isn’t great.

There are 4 panels of hand cut chequering, but they are all a bit faded and almost worn smooth in some places, so this will need re-cutting.

As for the internals I’m not sure what I have yet. Assuming this is an original Venom gun, the internals should be tuned. However the previous owner told me that the seals and spring had recently been changed.

I’ve had a few shots and to be honest it doesn’t seem great. It’s stiff to cock with a very harsh firing cycle and a lot of twang. It seems like the Venom magic might have been undone before I got hold of it.

The action is also not centred properly in the stock, and this has rubbed a lot of the bluing off the breech block.

In part 2 I will power test to see what I’m starting with, and then strip the action down to see what’s inside.

Finally a big thanks to the guys on AirgunBBS for helping me to identify the exact version I have.


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Geoff Nicol

Fantastic gun. Fantastic part one. Fantastic idea to create a serialised blog. Loving it.

(Gsmn1 from airgun bbs)