What is HFT?

For people who have never heard of HFT.
HFT = Hunter Field Target

Basically 30 targets set up at different ranges outdoors. They are generally painted yellow, with a black ‘zill zone’. Hitting the yellow plate scores you 1 point. Hitting the ‘kill zone’ makes the target fall over and gets you 2 points. The targets can be in woodland, fields, high, low, partially hidden or in the open. Every course is unique and all are great fun.

Most of what I know about HFT comes from several websites. Links are below with a brief description.
(To be clear I have no affiliation with the below sources. They are just the ones I happen to have read).

Cambridge HFT

An overview of the basics without going into details like kill zone sizes and range finding techniques. To be honest this is plenty to give the beginner a general idea.

Read this first, If you like the sound of it so far, move on to the next one.

Air Arms

This goes into a bit more detail. There is some introduction to range finding, sizes of kill zones, and shooting positions. This is as far as I got before I went out to a club to have a go.

At this point I think it’s best to get out there and have a go at knocking over some targets. My advice here is to ignore any competitions for now and go to a practice range. Don’t even worry about the rules for now (I certainly didn’t).
The main thing is to enjoy it and stay safe (more on this in the next post).


Here you will find everything you need to know about the rules and regulations of events run to UKAHFT rules. Target specifications, positions, scoring etc. I have glanced through this site but I haven’t really read much of it so far. However I definitely will and it will feature in later posts.


So what HFT is from my point of view? (in a rough order of importance to me)

  • A nice walk in the countryside with my mates
    • The mates in question are probably bored of hearing this by now but it’s true. When we go out and do practise courses it’s very sociable and there is probably more talking than shooting.
  • Fun and challenging shooting
    • I quite like sitting on a plinking range, but after an hour or two I can get a bit bored of sitting still . So walking between pegs and shooting from different positions is perfect for me. Especially as the targets are all different shapes, sizes and distances.
  • Low barrier to entry
    • You can have a go with almost any rifle/scope combination as long as it is legal. Once you have started the course you are not allowed to make any scope adjustments. So forget about those £800 jobs with 24x zoom and big sidewheels because you definitely do not need them.
    • I started with a springer and a £50 scope. I upgraded the gun to a fancier looking springer (because i’m a tart) and upgraded the scope to a £150 one (because someone drove into my car and I had to cheer myself up). I can see both lasting a long time.
  • Increased skill
    • Shooting HFT will make you a better all round shooter, no doubt in my mind about that. These skills will transfer across to other disciplines too (hunting, FT, bell target etc)
    • My trigger technique and stability (standing and kneeling) are already improving and I am still new to this.


I am aware that there is so much more basic information to cover. For this reason I am trying to get certain posts out as quickly as I can. Safety, location and equipment will all be covered.

Hopefully that will be enough to give you enough information to get out and have a go.

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